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I am presently concentrating on my portfolio of the Wild Welsh Ponies roaming the hills of South  Wales and of course South Wales landscapes . If you would like to join me for a day of photographing the Wild Welsh Ponies in  Summer 2017 please feel free to contact me for available dates and prices. So as not to disturb the ponies too much I limit my parties to a maximum of 4 persons. The trips are suitable for beginners through to professional photographers

The cameras I use are a  Pentax 67 and Pentax 645 for film and  a Canon SLR digital camera. None of my  work is digitally enhanced.

Some of my photographs are available as prints and these are offered as Limited editions with a guaranteed maximum of 50 being available. Once the 50 have been sold no more prints of that image will be available for sale. Each print will be numbered and signed by myself and a letter of authenticity giving details of the image will be included with the print

Alberta Hoodoos in Black & White

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Richard Haines 

Above - Alberta Badlands Hoodoos

Thousands of years of wind, rain, snow and frost have etched the face of this Hoodoo

Pentax 645, 45mm Lens, Ilford Film 


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